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Any size,package and pattern can be customized.

Whether you're a food service provider, restaurant, or a business, please contact us and put your brand or message at your customer’s fingertips with our personalized paper straws. If you need them individually wrapped, we've got you covered on that too!Email your logo and design requirements to for a quote.[/cz_title][cz_gap height="2rem"]

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External Dimension

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No. Category Model Individual Package Product Size
(Internal diameter× Externa diameter × Length)
1 BAR SYXG1465 N 0.173"x0.197"x5.75"(4.4x5x146mm) 1600x8 (1100x8 )
2 SYXG1975 N 0.173"x0.197"x7.75"(4.4x5x197mm) 1600x8(1100x8 )
3 SYXG2105 N 0.173"x0.197x8.27"(4.4x5x210mm) 1600x8(1100x8)
4 SYXG2405 N 0.173"x0.197"x9.45"(4.4x5x240mm) 1600x8 (1100x8 )
5 SYXG2605 N 0.173"x0.197"x10.24"(4.4x5x260mm) 1600x8 (1100x8 )
6 JIM SYXG1466 N/Y 0.213"x0.236"x5.75" (5.4x6x146mm) 600x8 (400x8)
7 SYXG1976 N/Y 0-213"x0.236"x7.75" (5.4x6x197mm) 600x8 (400x8)
8 SYXG2106 N/Y 0.213"x0.236”x8.27" (5.4x6x210mm) 600x8 (400x8)
9 SYXG2406 N/Y 0.213"x0.236"x9.45" (5.4x6x240mm) 600x8 (400x8)
10 SYXG2606 N/Y 0.213"x0.236"x10.24" (5.4x6x260mm) 600x8 (400x8)
11 MID SYXG1467 N/Y 0.252"x0.276"x5.75"(6.4x7x146mm) 600x8 (400x8)
12 SYXG1977 N/Y 0.252"x0.276"x7.75"(6.4x7x197mm) 600x8 (400x8)
13 SYXG2107 N/Y 0.252"x0.276"x8.27"(6.4x7x210mm) 600x8 (400x8)
14 SYXG2407 N/Y 0.252"x0.276"x9.45"(6.4x7x240mm) 600x8(400x8)
15 SYXG2607 N/Y 0.252"x0.276"x10.24"(6.4x7x260mm) 600x8(400x8)
16 GNT SYXG1468 N/Y 0.291"x0.315"x5.75"(7.4x8x146mm) 500x4(400x4)
17 SYXG1978 N/Y 0.291"x0.315"x7.75"(7.4x8x197mm) 500x4(400x4)
18 SYXG2108 N/Y 0.291"x0.315"x8.27”(7.4x8x210mm) 500x4(400x4)
19 SYXG2408 N/Y 0.291"x0.315"x9.45"(7.4x8x240mm) 500x4(400x4)
20 SYXG2608 N/Y 0.291"x0.315"x10.24"(7.4x8x260mm) 500x4(400x4)
21 JUM SYXG1469 N/Y 0.331"x0.354"x5.75"(8.4x9x146mm) 500x4(400x4)
22 SYXG1979 N/Y 0.331"x0.354"x7.75"(8.4x9x197mm) 500x4(400x4)
23 SYXG2109 N/Y 0.331"x0.354"x8.27"(8.4x9x210mm) 500x4(400x4)
24 SYXG2409 N/Y 0.331"x0.354”x9.45"(8.4x9x240mm) 500x4(400x4)
25 SYXG2609 N/Y 0.331"x0.354"x10.24"(8.4x9x260mm) 500x4(400x4)
26 COL SYXG14610 N/Y 0.370"x0.394"x5.75"(9.4x10x146mm) 500x4(400x4)
27 SYXG19710 N/Y 0.370"x0.394"x7.75"(9.4x10x197mm) 500x4(400x4)
28 SYXG21010 N/Y 0.370"x0.394"x8.27"(9.4x10x210mm) 500x4(400x4)
29 SYXG24010 N/Y 0.370"x0.394"x9.45"(9.4x0x240mm) 500x4(400x4)
30 SYXG26010 N/Y 0.370"x0.394"x10.24"(9.4x10x260mm) 500x4(400x4)