CPLA Compostable Cutlery

Renewable and compostable biopolymer food cutlery.

Meet our revolutionary eco-friendly cutlery

Our 100% compostable, 100% plant-based eco-friendly cutlery products are good for the planet and offer superior strength and performance.

Why choose compostable cutlery?

Showcase your sustainable commitment using renewable materials

Divert waste from landfills

Free from BPA, PFAS and other harmful toxins

90% of plastic is not getting recycled

Being sustainable is affordable

Improve your environmental footprint

CPLA degradable technology

Made from upcycled plant materials, it is 100% compostable and costs almost half of other eco-friendly alternatives. Our revolutionary technology can be molded into diverse cutlery products.

Free from PFAS, BPA, and any other synthetic polymers, it decomposes into soil in 90 days or less.

Best-in-class biopolymer cutlery

Suyang CPLA Compostable Cutlery are 100% compostable and 100% plant-based. Made with best-in-class plant resin, our range of food packaging products include knife, fork, spoon and more.

With superior quality, they look and feel like plastic but are an affordable solution that’s better than plastic. Made from renewable resources such as corn starch, they are BPI certified compostable.

Suyang advantage

Better quality products that are affordable

Guided by the principles of the circular economy, our compostable packaging solutions look and feel like their petroleum counterparts, but are 100% plant-based.

Customization and personalized service

We make it easy to work with us, whether you need a customized solution or a branded look.

Made in China solutions

Our Chinese manufacturing facilities deliver sustainable packaging solutions to help you decrease your environmental footprint and minimize overseas shipping delays.

Ready to choose a new future?

Your choices will determine the change. Connect with our sales team to get started on a custom quote or customized order.

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