New Zealand to ban disposable tableware, straws and other plastic products

Starting July 1, New Zealand will implement a new (third) plastic restriction that will ban the production, sale, distribution and use of single-use plastic bags, plastic plates, bowls and cutlery.
In the National Plastics Action Plan released in 2021, the New Zealand government plans for the restriction of plastic use.
The following are plastic products that cannot be used:
? Single-use plastic straws

Any straws that are single-use and made from plastic will be banned.
Coffee shops and milk tea stores will phase out disposable plastic straws and replace them with Suyang paper or other material straws.
? Disposable plastic tableware

Made entirely or primarily of any type of plastic (including recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable plastic) would be banned.
This includes disposable plastic bowls, plates, large platters, forks, spoons, teaspoons, knives and chopsticks, and even some disposable tableware sold with ice cream and salad wraps.
Everyone ordering take-out or packing lunch boxes will no longer use disposable plastic products.
At party events, the history of using disposable plastic dinner plates to share food will also be gone.
However, Suyang can provide you with the relevant tableware to suit your needs.

Suyang disposable paper straw

Suyang Disposable tableware

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